Terms Starting... J

These are the file extenions starting with the letter J!

J-STD-View Definition
J-STD-025View Definition
J-STD-034View Definition
J-STD-036View Definition
J2EEView Definition
J2MEView Definition
J2MEView Definition
JAView Definition
JADView Definition
JADEView Definition
JAEView Definition
JAINView Definition
JANETView Definition
JARView Definition
JavaView Definition
JAVAMEView Definition
JAXMView Definition
JBEView Definition
JBODView Definition
JCView Definition
JCAView Definition
JCEView Definition
JCLView Definition
JCLView Definition
JCPView Definition
JDBCView Definition
JDBCView Definition
JDCView Definition
JDFView Definition
JDKView Definition
JDSLView Definition
JEView Definition
JEDECView Definition
JEDECSDRAMView Definition
JEIDAView Definition
JEPIView Definition
JESView Definition
JFCView Definition
JFETView Definition
JFIFView Definition
JFIFView Definition
JFSView Definition
JGView Definition
JGEView Definition
JHUAPLView Definition
JIPView Definition
JIPSView Definition
JITView Definition
JLView Definition
JLEView Definition
JLIPView Definition
JMAPIView Definition
JMFView Definition
JMIView Definition
JMPView Definition
JMSView Definition
JMSView Definition
JMXView Definition
JNAView Definition
JNAEView Definition
JNBView Definition
JNBEView Definition
JNGView Definition
JNGEView Definition
JNIView Definition
JNLEView Definition
JNOView Definition
JNPView Definition
JNSView Definition
JNZView Definition
JOEView Definition
JOHNNIAC*View Definition
JOSSView Definition
JOVIALView Definition
JPEView Definition
JPEGView Definition
JPEGView Definition
JPEGView Definition
JPEGView Definition
Jpeg(JointPhotographicExpertsGroupView Definition
JPLView Definition
JPNFView Definition
JPOView Definition
JREView Definition
JSView Definition
JSPView Definition
JSPView Definition
JSRView Definition
JSRView Definition
JSR177View Definition
JSSView Definition
JSSEView Definition
JTACSView Definition
JTAGView Definition
JTAPIView Definition
JTCView Definition
JUGHEADView Definition
JVMView Definition
JZView Definition
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